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This page contains the pictures from the FRM4GHG project.

  Sodankyla site
Sodankylä site

Technical drawing showing the instrument placement inside the container

  File 000 container LR  FRM4GHG campaign container (front) and the TCCON building (back)

  IMG 30421 LRSolar beam enterance hole on the roof of the container


EM27/SUN from KIT in the front of container

  Lamp measurement

Lamp measurement of EM27/SUN on March 17


Balloon launch on 30/03/2017 at Sodankylä TCCON site.


Perfect sunny day on 30/03/2017 for solar measurements

IMG 6807
An overview of the Sodankylä site in April 2017


Vertex and LHR

The BIRA Vertex and RAL Space LHR operating in the container end of April 2017

          Site 20170515
View of the FRM4GHG container in the foreground and the TCCON building in the background on May 15, 2017

                          Aircore launch 20170515
       Aircore launch on May 15, 2017

         DSC 4762
View of the TCCON building (left), FRM4GHG container (center) and platform for EM27/SUN (right) on July 9, 2017

        DSC 4756
  View of the FRM4GHG container and the platform on July 9, 2017


         IMG 8987 1
BIRA-IASB solar tracker on top of the FRM4GHG container at Sodankylä site
          DSC 4800
  Visitors on the way to our FRM4GHG container

            UG Aircore

AirCore in its package being prepared for launch

          AirCore launch

AirCore launch during FRM4GHG project from Sodankylä site

        IMG 9663 BIRA suntracker

BIRA-IASB solar tracker mounted on the FRM4GHG container

  IMG 9685 three suntrackers

Three suntrackers working well on a good sunny day on August 28, 2017

       IMG 9666 TCCON

TCCON building and the dome containing the suntracker at Sodankylä

  IMG 9655 Aircore 20170828

AirCore launch on 28/08/2017 at the Sodankylä site

       IMG 9752 Hoogheim

Working concentrated on the AirCore analysis

  IMG 9745 river view

River view behind the guest house at the Sodankylä FMI site.

  BIRA IASB suntracker

BIRA-IASB suntracker with the meteo station and webcamera on 08/09/2017 at Sodankylä campaign site.

 20180428 172857

LHR with additional CH4 channel back into the FRM4GHG container lab on 28/04/2018. So far, so good.


Start of the winter of 2019 at Sodankylä TCCON site

 IMG 4713 BIRA solartracker meteo

BIRA-IASB suntracker and meteo at the start of the winter of 2019.