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In the following all deliverables, their deadline, and the responsible persons are given. Each WP has its own WP leader, who has to take care of all duties within this WP. The overall responsibility lies at Justus Notholt, with the support from Martine De Mazière.

We use the following abbreviations for the table below
Justus Notholt:                 JN
Christoph Petri:                CP
Thorsten Warneke:          TW
Martine deMaziere:           MM
Rigel Kivi:                         RK
Thomas Blumenstock:     TB
Frank Hase:                     FH
Mahesh Kumar Sha:        MS
Nicholas Jones:               NJ
David Griffith:                  DG
Damien Weidmann:         DW
Huilin Chen:                     HC

Table showing the work packages and its respective delivery time schedule

Deliverable Responsible

Month after T0

WP1: Requirements Identification, Month 1-4
WP manager: Justus Notholt, Uni Bremen
Required input from other WPs: none
D1.1: Report ‘Campaign requirements’ including
1. requirements for an observation system of GHG [R-1]
2. justification and description of the campaign location [R-5, R-6]
3. description and justification of the instruments involved in the campaign [R-2, R-7]
4. list of potential stakeholders, including TCCON and NDACC IRWG stakeholders [R-3, R-4]
WP2: Intercomparison Preparation, Month 4-7
WP manager:: Rigel Kivi, FMI
Required input from other WPs: D1.1
D2.1: Document describing the measurement site RK 2
D2.2: Instrumental overview All 2
D2.3: Document on measurement strategy to ensure comparable observations FH/MS 6
D2.4: Data protocol FH 6
D2.5: Document on the retrieval strategy and intercomparison strategy and protocol MM/MS/HC 6
WP3: Intercomparison Execution, Month 7-14
WP manager: Mahesh Kumar Sha, BIRA
Required input from other WPs: D2.1, D2.2, D2.3, D2.4, D2.5
D3.1 preliminary datasets and results distributed among partners via project Web portal  TB 10
D3.2 Updates of deliverables for the measurement and retrieval strategy (D2.3 and D2.5) if required.  MS 10
WP4: Data analysis and Corrective Measures, Month 7-16
WP manager: Frank Hase, KIT
Required input from other WPs: D3.1, D3.2
D4.1: Final datasets from individual instruments delivered to ESA by the time of FP [R-28]  DW 18
D4.2: System intercomparison and characterisation documentSystem intercomparison and characterisation document [R-26].  NJ 18
D4.3: Recommendations for the instrument layout and     
settings, measurement procedures, retrieval algorithms and
intercomparison protocols on the website [R-29].
 DG 18
WP5: Project Outreach, Month 1-18
WP manager: Martine DeMaziere, BIRA
Required input from other WPs: All deliverables
D5.1: Website, regularly updated with all documents and results MS 2,6,10,18
D5.2: Involvement in the S5P validation efforts using the campaign data, depending on national funding. MS 7
WP6: (optional): AirCore Gliding System, Month 7-18
WP manager: Huilin Chen, Uni Groningen
Required input from other WPs: Results from T3.6, T4.1 and T4.2.
D6.1: Documentation on the review and first ideas for a lightweight AirCore system. HC 18
D6.2: Draft of an ESA proposal for building a lightweight AirCore gliding system. HC 18
D6.3: Documentation on the website HC 18
WP7: Project management, Month 1-18
WP manager: Justus Notholt, Uni Bremen
Required input from other WPs: none
D7.1 Project Management Plan (PMP) JN/MM 2
D7.2 Bi-monthly Progress reports JN/MM Every 2
D7.3 Minutes of Meetings (MoM) JN/MM After meetings