March 6, EM27 starting to measure and March 6,7 and 10 were good weather

March 13, installation of the IR-Cube

March 14, running lamp spectra, tested in linefit14.

March 14-15, Pauli and Nicholas installed the tracker for the  IR-Cube. System now ready to go.

March 16, measurements started with the IR-Cube

March 20, Collocation meeting held at Sodankylä TCCON site. Representatives from ESA and the groups participating in the campaign were present to review the start of the campaign.
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Later in the afternoon radiosonde was launched to measure the atmospheric profiles by in-situ sensors of pressure, temperature and humidity.
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March 30, measurements ongoing with the TCCON, EM27SUN and IR-Cube. Today was a very good day for measurements with clear sky conditions. Visit the twitter page to see some pictures . Balloon launch performed during the day.


April 7, The instrument of BIRA-IASB was sent by truck to Sodankylä.
Installation (By Christian and Francis) is scheduled just after Easter
Picture of the solar tracker at BIRA-IASB


April 8, Another perfect sunny day at Sodankylä. View the following link to get an impression of the site


April 22-29, Marko and Alex installed the RAL Space LHR and coupled it to the BIRA Sun tracker. First atmospheric measurements, with preliminary settings, performed in conjunction with an AirCore launch on Monday, 24th April; first full day of operational measurements in perfect conditions on Saturday, 29th April.

May 05, AirCore launch at the Sodankylä site. Picture of the launch can be seen following the twitter link


June 01, FRM4GHG project presented by Martine De Mazière at the Annual NDACC-IRWG / TCCON 2017 meeting in Paris.


June 22, End of the semi-blind intercomparison study today. Results presented and discussed at a joint WebEx meeting with ESA. All instruments are working fine at the Sodankylä campaign site.


July 6 - 8, Site visit by Christof Petri from University of Bremen. He worked on the instrumental alignment for the Vertex70. The alignment was successful and lead to a better instrumental lineshape for the Vertex70. View pictures from the visit here:


August 8, Project WebEx meeting organized by ESA. Recent results were shown and discussed. All instruments are working normally except LHR, it had some problem and was not operational for 3 weeks. The problem was solved remotely by RAL, so no site visit was necessary. The instrument will be online soon after few checks.


 August 21, Visit the link to see a picture from an AirCore launch in spring performed during the campaign


August 22, Nicholas Deutscher presented the first results from the FRM4GHG campaign at the ICDC10 conference.


August 29, David Griffith presented the recent results from the FRM4GHG campaign at the GGMT-WMO meeting.



September 12, Project WebEx meeting organized by ESA. Recent intercomparison results were shown and discussed. All instruments are working normally.